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Information can be sorted by department, first name and last name. 

  First   Last Name   Department   Title   Phone   Email  
Matt Townsend Matt Townsend Leadership CEO 419-865-6455 mtownsend@ocpmail.com
Ed Sellers Ed Sellers Leadership President 440-951-9727 esellers@ocpmail.com
Pam Hepburn Pam Hepburn Leadership Vice President 419-865-3079 phepburn@ocpmail.com
Brian Exl Brian Exl Estimating Chief Estimator 440-951-9727 bexl@ocpmail.com
Joel Solars Joel Solars Estimating Estimator 440-951-9727 jsolars@ocpmail.com
Kevin Street Kevin Street Estimating Estimator 440-951-9727 kstreet@ocpmail.com
Lisa Schultz Estimating CM-BIM, Manger 614-884-3900 lschultz@ocpmail.com
Darrell Brown Darrell Brown Estimating Architect/Chief Estimator 614-884-3900 dbrown@ocpmail.com
Matt Vander Hooven Matt Vander Hooven Estimating Chief Estimator 419-865-6649 mvanderhooven@ocpmail.com
Lynn Leitner Lynn Leitner Estimating Senior Estimator 419-865-6379 lleitner@ocpmail.com
Jim Meinert Jim Meinert Estimating Senior Project Manager 419-865-6774 jmeinert@ocpmail.com
David Johnson David Johnson Estimating Senior Estimator/Project Manager 419-865-3260 djohnson@ocpmail.com
Travis Philo Estimating Estimator 419-865-6607 tphilo@ocpmail.com
Doug Manore Doug Manore Operations Operations Manager 419-865-3515 dmanore@ocpmail.com
Matt Taylor Matt Taylor Operations Corporate Safety Director 419-865-3772 mtaylor@ocpmail.com
Ray McKenzie Ray McKenzie Operations Project Manager 440-951-9727
Gerry Barr Gerry Barr Operations Project Manager 440-951-9727 gbarr@ocpmail.com
Matt Yaros Matt Yaros Operations Project Manager 440-951-9727 myaros@ocpmail.com
Vince Gargano Vince Gargano Operations Project Manager/IPD Coordinator 440-951-9727 vgargano@ocpmail.com
Tom Lutgring Tom Lutgring Operations General Superintendent 440-951-9727 tlutgring@ocpmail.com
Bill Giet Bill Giet Operations General Superintendent 440-951-9727 bgiet@ocpmail.com
Jeff Feller Jeff Feller Operations Walls & Ceilings Superintendent 419-865-3594 jfeller@ocpmail.com
Skip Powell Skip Powell Operations Safety Manager/Tool Manager 440-951-9727 wpowell@ocpmail.com
Bob Kreischer Bob Kreischer Operations Mechanic 440-951-9727 bkreischer@ocpmail.com
Gene Smith Operations Truck Driver 440-951-9727
Greg Panthana Operations Project Manager 614-884-3900 gpanthana@ocpmail.com
Lonnie Wallace Operations Warehouse Manager 614-884-3900
Craig Paskiet Craig Paskiet Operations Senior Project Manager 419-865-6303 cpaskiet@ocpmail.com
Jeff (Whitey) Taylor Jeff (Whitey) Taylor Operations Warehouse Manager 419-865-3482 whitey@ocpmail.com
Bob Sellers Operations Paint Superintendent 419-865-3560 bsellers@ocpmail.com
Jimmy Fisher Operations Field Superintendent 614-884-3900 jfisher@ocpmail.com
Pete Paskiet Operations Toledo Safety Director 419-865-7168 ppaskiet@ocpmail.com
Timothy Pinchot Operations Vice President - Operations 440-951-9727 tpinchot@ocpmail.com
Anthony Cantrell Operations Warehouse 440-951-9727 acantrell@ocpmail.com
Zach Wagner Operations Warehouse 440-951-9727
Bill Ridgeway Operations Project Manager 440-951-9727 bridgeway@ocpmail.com
Sandy Webb Sandy Webb Administrative/Accounting Business Manager 419-865-3191 swebb@ocpmail.com
Jane McCaslin Jane McCaslin Administrative/Accounting Tax Manager 419-865-3043 jmccaslin@ocpmail.com
Lida Jackson Administrative/Accounting Administrative Assistant 614-884-3900 ljackson@ocpmail.com
Jenni Harris Jenni Harris Administrative/Accounting Accounts Payable 419-865-3054 jharris@ocpmail.com
Amy Woerner Administrative/Accounting Payroll Administrator 419-865-3459 awoerner@ocpmail.com
Sarah Rudyk Administrative/Accounting Administrative Assistant 440-951-9727 srudyk@ocpmail.com
Julie Waller Administrative/Accounting Subcontract Administrator jwaller@ocpmail.com
Dawn Boes Administrative/Accounting Administrative Assistant dmjohnson@ocpmail.com
Julie Waller Administrative/Accounting Subcontract Administrator 419-865-3696 jwaller@ocpmail.com